How does the NexTV cloud DVR work?

Unlike much of our competition, we offer a cloud DVR service. When you use NexTV, the shows you record are stored in the cloud and not on your local set top box in the home. This is a more reliable and convenient DVR storage solution because your shows are always safely stored. Even if a kid spills juice on your box or a lightning strike surges power to the box, your recordings aren’t impacted. If your box becomes damaged, you would simply get a new one from Ritter Communications, connect it at your house and all your recordings would still be accessible to you. Plus, if your storage space gets full, you can easily buy more by calling us at 888.336.4466. The more data storage you buy, the more shows you can record at once!

  1. $10/mo 1Tb package = 12 recordings at once
  2. $5/mo 500Gb package = 6 recordings at once
  3. $3/mo 250Gb package = 3 recordings at once

Click here to view the colors of buttons at the bottom of the screen to push within the recordings menu to take specific actions.