How much internet speed do I need for my home or business?

Different activities require different internet speeds, so your needs may vary depending on what activities you do and how often. Consider these two factors when choosing your internet plan.

1) Identify how much speed you need.

     This includes the upload speed and the download speed. 

2) Identify how much data you need. 

Here are some helpful resources that may help you answer these.

  • To learn more about what speeds are commonly needed to stream Netflix, Hulu or YouTube videos, to work from home, to play online video games and more, check out this helpful infographic
  • To identify what factors go into calculating what internet plan meets your needs, view this infographic
  • Here you can test your internet speed to see what you're currently getting.
    Please keep in mind speeds can vary based on time of day, how many devices you have in your home using the internet, if your neighbors are using the internet and other situations. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), industry stands report than individual internet subscribers should expect to receive 70% of their top internet speed, regardless of provider. 
  • Here you can log in to see what internet speed plan you're currently subscribed to.
  • Here is where you can find the internet options available to your home. 
  • Here are our hybrid fiber coax (HFC) internet plans, which serve the majority of our residential footprint. 

To truly identify what the best internet plan is for your situation, speaking with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives may be the easiest way to identify what you need. Our team is trained in internet education so they can be a resource to customers and help people like you find the plan that is the best fit for your needs.

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