Is there a minimum broadband speed required for viewing TV Everywhere?

The minimum speed required varies depending on the type of video content being streamed (SD, HD, 4K and length of video). As is all video streaming, the higher internet speed connection you subscriber to, the better the internet experience will be. Also keep in mind the number of devices using the internet connection you’re using while viewing TV Everywhere content may affect your viewing experience. The more devices using the internet connection and the heavier broadband dependent activities performed will affect your internet performance. If you’re experiencing slow download speeds or buffering, first disconnect other devices from your wireless network. If that doesn’t improve your internet performance, reboot your modem by unplugging it from the power source for about one minute and then plugging it back into the power source. If this still does not help your internet performance, feel free to call our help desk 24/7 at 888.659.6009.