Understanding The Internet

Learn How The Internet Works -- The first step to a better online experience!

Using the internet is like drinking water from a pipe.

Every time you check an email, visit a web page or update a Facebook status, it’s like taking a sip. Over the years, more and more internet-connected devices have been introduced into your home.

Find Out The Speed You Need — Do Your MegaMath!

There are three main factors that determine how “fast” or “slow” your internet speed performs:

1) Number of Devices: How many devices are using the internet at the same time in your household

2) Activity Type: What activities those devices are doing, such as streaming video, playing games, downloading music, etc.

3) Internet Speed: How many megabits per second your internet speed delivers, such as 30, 50, 100 or even 200 Mbps


The graphic below shows you how to calculate the right speed for your home.

So, do your internet math and make sure you have the Megapower you need!

MegaRitter_infographic_Aug_200 Meg