Troubleshooting Your Internet

Things to check before calling include:

  1. Check for outages
    1. We regularly post outage information through the alert banner on our website,, and on our company Facebook page. 
  2. Restart the modem/router
    1. Unplug for 60 seconds from the power source and plug back into the power source.
  3. Disconnect electronic devices
    1. Leave one device connected to the internet network to conduct the speed test. However, disconnect all the other devices that are using the home internet connection you’re testing. Unplugging or turning off other devices using the internet can reduce the number of devices feeding to the network, possibly running in the background, lowering your speed results. Don't forget to check things like security systems, baby monitors and other devices that use the internet other than cell phones, smart TVs, iPads and computers that may be top of mind. 
  4. Connect directly into your modem
    1. An internet connection plugged directly into your modem will enable the fastest speed results. For example, instead of using a smartphone that uses WiFi to run your speed test, which is liable to render different results based on where you are in your home in respect to the modem when running the speed test, use a computer connected to your home network by an Ethernet cord.

If after these steps, you’re not satisfied with the results, feel free to contact our technical support team 24/7 at 888.659.6009 when you’re home and available to test the network. Our team of professionals will walk you through multiple steps to ensure we test your connection thoroughly to ensure you’re satisfied with the service.