What is speed calling and how do I use it?

Speed calling provides one-digit speed dialing for a short list of up to 8 telephone numbers or a longer list of up to 30 numbers. You can program in both local and long-distance numbers. Call 870.336.3515 to add this feature to your account. 

To set up your speed calling numbers:

  1. Dial *74 for the short list or dial *75 for the longer list
  2. Listen for a second dial tone, then press a speed calling number (2 through 9 for a short list; 20 through 49 for a long list). Enter the telephone number to be assigned to that speed calling number.
  3. A short confirmation tone will notify you that the new speed calling code and telephone number combination have been entered correctly. After this is complete, to use speed calling, simply dial the number (2 through 9) assigned to the phone number you want to call, then press the # key.