Why is the internet speed I am getting inconsistent with the speed I subscribe to?

Internet Speed

Many variables affect actual internet speeds received by our customers that are outside of Ritter’s network control, creating fluctuations in each customer’s experience and restricting our ability to guarantee that any internet speed will be available at all times. This is standard across our industry and not a reflection of Ritter’s capability or service levels. Examples of factors that can create these inconsistencies include:

  • Number of internet devices being used in your home simultaneously;
  • How these devices are being used (bandwidth-intensive uses like streaming Netflix, online gaming, FaceTime video calls or YouTube downloads, versus less-intensive usage like internet surfing or email) and how many concurrent sessions are in use (playing an online game while also streaming music on Pandora);
  • The number of customers using the network simultaneously, and whether their usage is light (email) or heavy (Netflix or gaming); and/or
  • The Wi-Fi configuration, placement of the Wi-Fi___33 router, and possible interference, such as microwaves, halogen lighting, fluorescent lighting and even the type of insulation in your home. Your internet experience will be only as fast as the slowest path between you and your destination device.

Customers should expect to always receive at least 60% of the internet speed they subscribe to, and in most cases, much more than that. If you are experiencing lower than this benchmark, please contact our 24/7 Technical Support Team at 888-659-6009 for more technical and specific troubleshooting.